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DIY vs. Professional Cabinet Painting: Pros and Cons for Mississauga Homeowners

DIY vs. Professional Cabinet Painting: Pros and Cons for Mississauga Homeowners

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and you can easily tailor this heart to match the vibe of the rest of your home by targeting its most space-taking feature: kitchen cabinets! 


But renovating kitchen cabinets does not necessarily mean ripping them out and installing new and insanely expensive ones in place. Revamping your cabinets can be as simple as repainting them! 


But this gives rise to another question: should you paint your kitchen cabinets yourself or hire a professional painter to do the job? Which is the better option, keeping in view a few factors like outcome, time, and money?


So, if you are in Toronto confused about your home renovation choices, we have got you covered. This guide can help you determine whether you should call on professionals for cabinet doors refacing in Toronto, or pull your sleeves upwards and get to work yourself. 


Let’s look into the pros and cons of DIY vs. professional cabinet painting to end this debate once and for all! 

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Pros Of DIY Cabinet Painting 

Saves Money 

DIY kitchen cabinet painting can save you the cost of hiring professionals if you have all the required materials and tools at home. In such a case, all you need to do is put your cabinet painting knowledge to use and get to work! 


But it is important to note that cabinet painting is a specialized procedure and cannot be undertaken without the necessary equipment. But if you do not have it all, buying it for a one-time painting job may not be cost-efficient. 

Money More For Other Renovations 

This is simple math: if you save money on cabinet painting, you have more money to spend on other renovation procedures or buying the utensils and gadgets you always wanted to have in your kitchen! A well-planned kitchen remodel can free up space on your budget for other things you thought you did not have room for, making it a win-win situation! 

Cons Of DIY Cabinet Painting 

DIY cabinet painting is not all fun and games; here are a few downsides of this procedure: 

All Cabinets Are Not Fit For Repainting 

No matter how fun DIY cabinet repainting may seem, you cannot just kick open a jar of paint and start painting every cabinet in sight. Some cabinets cannot be painted simply because they require other renovation processes first! 


If you paint cabinets that are chipped, damaged, or warped, you will only end up making these flaws even more evident than before. 

Time And Energy Consuming 

Let’s face it: nobody running in today’s corporate world has the time to sit at home and paint their cabinets themselves. This process can be quite time and energy-consuming, especially if you lack adequate field experience. 


You will have to cover, coat, paint, fix, and fit everything on your own, giving your cabinets periodic waiting time to ensure the paint completely dries before adding on the next coat. All of this requires a lot of time, determination, and perseverance. 

Professional Cabinet Painting 

Pros Of Professional Cabinet Painting 

Professional Output 

Professional cabinet painters are experts in their fields: they know just the right amount of primer and other materials to give your cabinets a professional output. Since it is their area of expertise, they can help give your cabinets a complete makeover without making them look like a DIY job gone wrong. 


Who doesn’t want flawless cabinets?

Reduced Time 

Since professional cabinet painters bring considerable experience to the table, they are able to wrap up a cabinet painting task in as little as two days. This proves especially helpful because you do not have to shut your kitchen down during this process because most of them take the cabinet doors off and paint them elsewhere! 


So you can continue working in your kitchen while the professionals do their job. 

Efficient and Non-Demanding 

Professional cabinet painters are the perfect way out for homeowners who wish to rejuvenate their kitchens but do not have the time or determination to do so. This process is utterly non-demanding: all you need to do is hire the right contractors and entrust your house to their professional hands. 

Knowledge In The Field 

Cabinet painting is not as simple as it seems: it requires priming, sanding, and several other basic preparation processes to ensure a seamless finish. Since the necessary materials for different types of cabinets are different, you need the right set of skills and comprehensive knowledge to know which item to buy for your cabinets, which these professionals have! 

Cons Of Professional Cabinet Painting 

May be Costly 

This element in professional cabinet painting is subjective. Although it is relatively more costly than DIY cabinet painting, the cost of the latter can exceed the former if you don’t have the specialized tools. 


Buying them for a one-time paint job is impractical, as their total cost can exceed that of professional cabinet painting. Contractors have all the tools necessary to do a flawless job, so you do not have to worry about finding the right items.  

Summing Up 

Now that you know the pros and cons of professional and DIY cabinet painting, visit here to a related post to learn more about maintaining your house the right way!

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